Living holistically

We launched our Holistic Living range back in January 2021, and this year we’re expanding it even further. From April, our new Eat:Flexi products will be available – a selection of balanced meat and vegetable recipes for those looking to make easy swaps in their meals. We’re also launching some delicious new Thrive juices filled with vitamins to suit specific lifestyle needs.

Alice Shrubshall

Partner & Health Drinks Buyer

We’re really excited to be expanding the selection of juices and smoothies in our Holistic Living range. Searches on for ‘green juice’ are up 10% compared to last year and it’s clear that our customers are looking for different drinks to incorporate into their lifestyle. The new drinks contain a variety of flavour combinations and a selection of fruits and vegetables, and with added vitamins to help specific needs such as immune system support and reducing tiredness and fatigue, customers can pick an option that suits them best.”


Bloomin’ marvellous

Our Gut Health range helps to maintain a healthy and balanced digestive system. We’re adding two great new products this spring – the Seeded Wholemeal with Buckwheat Bloomer and the Fig, Quinoa & Pumpkin Seed Wholemeal Bloomer. Toasted for breakfast or used in a lunchtime sandwich, they’ll both go down a treat.