Tasty ways to balanced eating

Last year made us all more conscious of our health and how we can better take care of ourselves, which is where two new Waitrose food launches come in. Thrive is a range of products that have been created to fit into daily routines and help maintain a balanced lifestyle, such as Thrive Falafel Mezze with Beetroot Crush. Also new is the Gut Health selection of food and drink to help support a healthy digestive system. Bacteria often has negative connotations, but the microbiome – the community of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the skin and in the body – is incredibly important for our overall health. As well as tasting delicious, all Gut Health products, including fruity smoothies, juice and frozen kefir, introduce bacteria to the gut and create an environment where they can prosper.

sustainably sourced

Dining alfresco

If we learned one thing during lockdown last year, it was how to make the most of our outside spaces. Gardens, balconies and parks became meeting places, bringing together friends and families for meals, picnics and drinks. It’s a trend that looks set to continue this year as we enjoy the (hopefully) great British weather by cooking and eating alfresco. Ideal for packing with a picnic or for barbecues in the garden, this fun new Waitrose tableware doesn’t just make a statement with its bright designs – it’s environmentally friendly too, made with sustainably sourced bamboo fibre.


scrumptious summer

Ice creams with a classic twist

Pudding or ice cream? Now there’s no need to choose, as the Waitrose Scrumptious Summer range is back for another year, focusing on innovative dishes, nostalgic flavours and classic recipes with a twist.
First to launch in April is a selection of scrumptious ice creams. Following on from last year’s bestselling Raspberry Trifle variety, our innovation team has created more new flavours based on the nation’s favourite desserts. Look out for fruity Summer Berry Cheesecake and sweet, creamy Summer Salted Caramel Banoffee Pie – both made with West Country cream to help make the season even more delicious.